What's up in Paris ? May 2012.

The last few days in Paris have been so intense ! Well, the brand new President François Hollande had his inauguration under the rain (let's call us "frogs", I mean...), many people are running after their train/plane for "Le Festival de Cannes" and I worked to gather some pieces of the gaga exhibition I made in Paris (twice) two years ago, the first ones actually. As I have been asked by Nicola Formichetti, her talented stylist, to do so, for his pop up store in Lane Crawford opening in Beijing pretty soon. Then, I went to my friends' shop QHUIT for the launch of their new collection. They have their classic shirts, such as the mythical Cousteau's WHO'S THE BOSS and also little collections with friends such as French rapper Joey Starr and French tattoo artists from Bleu Noir. I really liked a new shirt from the classic collection called PICOLE which means "drink" in Fench and could be read as an anagram of "police". Picole is a glince to the brand Qhuit, meaning "drunk". Well, still some humour with Vava Dudu's up to date creations among which one of a kind of her famous three heads'jacket. Very stylish, so crazy and colorful ! She already created a jacket with two heads for french artist ORLAN that you can see in Twin Twin's video By My Side. This new one has been ordered for Lady Gaga to wear it soon. And to finish this comic series of news, let's talk about the picture of an old and cheap Kate Moss, designed by Kidult stamped on the Pierre Cardin's shop. Actually, you can find a wall of Kate (and not a wall of Fame) at the corner of the rue Vauvilliers and the rue Saint-Honoré in the 1st district (metro = Châtelet) in the centre of Paris. Xx