The 4th of July 2012 : America's birthday

Dear diary,

Today is the a great day in the United States of America as it is its birthday : the Independence Day.
On this special day, I think of the upcoming American presidential campaign.
I ponder on the situation in America since the beginning of the so-called economic crisis that may be a structural failure of the globalization of the current financial system or, worst ,of capitalism or maybe simply a certain amount of each of these variables. Who can say "I know for certain"?...
The only things we can all be sure of is that we are all nations facing daily troubles in our lives and that things will change somehow. And still, we are considered to be the richest people in the world so we should not complain in the end. Yet, are we ?
Today is a Birth Day and I think of New York City, my pleasure to have met this place through my lovely American relatives, the pleasure to know it exists as a magic door open between Europe and America that is full of history, and so far, an artistic crossroad that saved many artists from the Nazism anxiogenic spreading through Europe during the 30s and 40s. Rothko, Chagall, Mondrian, Breton... all running out, just left for a peaceful nation : the US. Thanks for their production.
I think of the streets of New York, Broadway and Little Italy painted in The Godfather.
Everyone has their own New York painted in their mind. This is mine.
Of course, New York is only a part. This is only the entry of the huge country. And from NYC to L.A., I got plenty of great memories that it would take too long to mention them all.
Well, America is not only a dream as we all know it can be a nightmare sometimes and for some other parts of the world. New York still has the stigmata of what the country can endure in its own dark way. RIP.
Ok, let's stop being too emotional now.
I think of the United States and so many things that I cannot decently post on this page.
Today is a day of joy so, at least for today, let's party !
And if you don't mind, I would love to give you a surprise by sharing with you a video I made during the previous presidential campaign in 2008. If you are a Democrat, you will like it and if not, I feel sorry for that. This video deals with how Barack Obama was seen in and out of America through the eyes of art and fashion.


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