Ego Trip in Comics

Sometimes to times, I receive drawings of me. I mean for real ! From friends who are artists and even from people I do have had the pleasure to meet up with, young talents... It reminds me that when I was a kid, I used to draw Thorgal and Boule et Bill comics, as I mentionned it tonight to my blogger friend Christian (Le Modalogue). Both comics just have nothing in common but the fact that they are made of drawings and of course that they are French tongue comics. Anyway, I liked to spend time with my drawings and superheroes. And today I feel very glad to be "kind of" inspiring, just like a little comics' heroin. Maybe this is because I really have a manga face ! I enjoy so much getting into each artistic world that I am very happy and proud to be included into these. I love bubbles and the life in the  paper-smelling books, as I remember from my childhood. That is why, I always organize my pics like a comics' page on my blog and even on the artbook I made called The Secret Book On Lady Gaga. Well, now I am pleased to show some cute of those portraits I was writing about above. Just expecting the very day there will be for sure 100 hundreds me in a gallery (anyone's laughing around ? ;)

Angeline Melin


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