Couturissimo's Parisian show with On Aura Tout Vu, Sebastian Gunawan & Michael Cinco

This sunday I was invited at the launch of the platform Couturissimo in Paris, right during the Couture fashion week. I had received a super beautiful printed invitation with my name engraved. What made me go to this unknown show is, above natural curiosity, the name of On Aura Tout Vu among the featured designers.
Deeply in love with On Aura Tout Vu's sense of Couture, I went to the show. Two other designers were selected for the launch of Couturissimo : the Indonesian designer Sebastian Gunawan and the Filipino designer Michael Cinco.

Couturissimo wants to set as a revolutionary fashion platform and decided to launch it during the Paris Couture Week with three little shows and some iconic pieces. The e-commerce website aims at developping micro collections in collaboration with great designers and starts successfully today at L'Orangerie Ephémère in the so romantic Jardins des tuileries, in front of few hundreds of international guests.
on aura tout vu sebastian gunawan michael cinco
Couturissimo's show with On Aura Tout vu, Sebastian Gunawan & Michael Cinco
Some of the garments presented today were particularly sparking, closer to the Asian or American taste, than to the French idea of Couture, but the quality and spirit of beautiful dresses (feeling like Couture) were there. To be honest, the website offers an incredible opportunity to feel like wearing Couture, for a minimum investment, as pieces costs between 170 up to 800 €.

High fashion On Aura Tout Vu offered a show based on images and garments that make the DNA of their fabulous Haute Couture story, with a particular piece wore with a crown. All designers tends to take a particular car of luxury codes through details such as embroderies, fabrics...

The website has an upcoming surprise for its customers : the creation of a virtual fitting room on line, built with silhouettes based on their precise body measurements. Just like if one's were a special guest in a Maison de Couture.