Shepard Fairey : about EARTH CRISIS

In june, the weather in Paris turned so ugly that it gave pretty much pain to the street artists to perform on walls ! While it was raining cats and dogs, some heroic figure of the global urban art painted few great walls around in town. Shepard Fairey, a.k.a Obey was THE man in town ! He also came for the opening of EARTH CRISIS, his brand new artistic show at Medhi's famous Itinerrance gallery, settled in the 13th district of the capital. A f***g unforgettable moment !

Earth Crisis : The project


Of course you know him ! If you are not like me, into street art for ages, you remember for sure the Obama's campaign iconic red and blue portrait. Shepard Fairey painted it to support Obama before the election. With the success, the pic became official. Well, like it or not but the American artist is a true committed artist. 
shepard fairey, earth crisis
EARTH CRISIS Opening at Itinerance's with Shepard Fairey

The issue of Shepard Fairey's new project is focused on ecology.

Remember the giant globe under the first floor of the Eiffel Tower during COP21 global conference in Paris ? The sculpture was signed Shepard Fairey. The artistic globe was put there after the terrible attacks in Paris of the 13th of november 2015 until the end of december of the same year. Here began Shepard Fairey's project on Earth Crisis...

The exhibition at French gallery Itinerrance is the logical art show following the former installation at the Eiffel Tower. Its purpose is pretty clear : we have to protect and save the planet. With many brand new paintings and sculptures, Shepar Fairey invites the street art lovers to consider the planet : "installations, murals, paintings and prints are different ways to spread the idea that we are facing a global Earth crisis. I think art is a way to awaken people (...) If someone likes my murals, one of my installation, maybe he could be concerned about the message I am trying to deliver."

Dozen of new artworks in different shapes of blue and pale blue are displayed to remember we have to take care about ecological concerns (air, water...). In this exhibition, fans and urban art lovers can enjoy paintings, prints, globe editions, scluptures and even a book. All prices for all purses...

Those who already know about the artist will not be surprised by his new artworks, that are deeply part of his artistic committment. They might enjoy the various details and poetry of each artwork. Personaly I am fond of the big wave, which reminds me gorgeous spots, like Pipeline in Hawaii, and also made me think of the famous Hokusai's wave. I also appreciate the gas station that, as a art historian, I would relate to the mythic Hopper ones. Shepard Fairey painted it in a great range of blue that make it organic and dreamy... 

 Shepard Fairey in Paris

Apart from, and before the exhibition, Shepard Fairey, together with his team, painted three new murals in Paris, among which this stunning Allegory to the French Republic and Democracy with a Marianne in medaillon surrounded by three words Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.

On June 24th, an opening reception occurred at Galerie Itinerrance in the 13th district of Paris, right after the private opening for special guests and collectors. Hundreds of people came and waited to get in, admire the new project with the artist and his staff.

In French we use the expression "Madeleine de Proust" when an event reminds you a deep souvenir you like. That's what I felt there, as I remember the many articles I wrote on Shepard Fairey's productions far before the urban movement become something the audience considers as a serious trend.

Well, the new exhibition has the same codes as usual and is still in the style of the political propaganda iconography, but with many details in the background of each artwork.

During the opening, shepar Fairey spend time with friends and also with his fans being so kind with each of them. In the backstage, his team and family were talking about the French journey and their life in L.A. We shared nice time together. Some few French artists were here too.

About the Origins


The American artist was born in south Carolina (United States) in 1970. He now works and live in Los Angeles and travel a lot around the world. shepard Fairey, a.k.a Obey started his street "propaganda" through a kind of campaign of posters of Andre the Giant (French wrestler called André Roussimoff). This was this kind of cheap image you can see on flyers. Shepard Fairey stylized his face and the invasion in the streets started. I remember to have seen some of these stickers everywhere in the world in the years 2000. A claim is linked to this image "Obey Giant" and "Andre the Giant Has a Posse". How many people ask themselves "who hell is that guy I am asked to obey ?" Then, Shepard Fairey made many other portraits, still related to his will of changing the world. The most famous of all remains the portrait of Obama that had a huge success worldwide.
Shepard Fairey is not only a urban artist but he is an activist, like Ai Wei Wei is. Maybe that is why he donated prints in order to help Ai Weiwei to get back his passport from the Chinese authorities.

Earth Crisis until the 30th of July in Paris :
Galerie Itinerrance